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Little Feet, Big Footprints: A Black Angel Mom Card Deck

Our Little Feet, Big Footprints (LFBF) BAM Conversation Card Deck is more than just a set of cards; it's a powerful tool carefully designed to support your healing journey in its entirety. Within this deck, you'll discover a wealth of questions and prompts specifically tailored to address various facets of your path: your personal journey, your interactions with your support system, and your partner's journey.

These color-coded sections not only serve as conversation starters but also provide valuable assistance for various aspects of your healing process. Whether you're journaling, attending therapy sessions, participating in support groups, or engaging in conversations with your family and friends, these cards serve as a versatile resource that adapts to your unique needs. They're not just cards; they're the companions you can rely on throughout your journey of healing and recovery.

But that's not all. The LFBF-BAM Card Deck also includes a dedicated card filled with affirmations crafted especially for bereaved parents. These affirmations offer those moments of solace and reassurance that we all need from time to time, acting as gentle reminders of the strength that resides within. Feel free to revisit these affirmations as often as you need, for they are there to offer comfort and empowerment.

When you decide to bring this invaluable resource into your life, you won't have to wait long. We understand the urgency of your journey, and your LFBF-BAM Card Deck will ship within 3-5 days of your purchase. It's our way of providing you with timely and meaningful support during your healing process.


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