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Oftentimes, we are carrying around a metaphorical bag full of stuff everywhere we go. We carry it into every job, every romantic relationship, every friendship, and all the iterations of relationship to self. In our work together, we set that bag down, identify what’s in it, work to understand why it’s there, and decide if you need to chuck it, think about it, or keep it. Most often, this work begins with taking a deeper look at our families of origin (FOO) and all the ways those experiences set the stage for our lives at present. 


Aligning means to put in order, straighten, or give support.  In the context of our work together, this means we will work on determining whether your values are in alignment with your actions.  Much of the angst we feel about some decisions is a direct result of not being in alignment with what your spirit holds true: your values.  We will work together to Identify your values, as well as confront the ways you uphold or relax them. The goal is to achieve congruence: when your actions or behaviors are in alignment with your values and morals.


Having success in therapy has a lot to do with our relationship. Our rapport sets and cultivates the space for vulnerability, openness, risk-taking, and healing without pretense.  A strong therapeutic relationship is at the core of those sessions that have you laughing as well as those that have you crying.  Our vibe is important to the work you will put in.  In addition, your circle or tribe or support network is crucial to your joy outside of session.  Our work will definitely include attention to your own personal ecosystem, and the ways you can tap those resources for what I call “Soul food”.


Evolution means to develop gradually from something simple to more complex.  You will often hear me say, “everything in life is a lesson” or, “what’s the lesson in this for you?”  Life gives us information constantly; information about ourselves, about others, about the world. It is up to us to use that knowledge and challenge ourselves to gradually develop into better versions of ourselves.  Our work together will challenge you to evolve and grow.  Sometimes that will feel natural, and sometimes painful. I can promise you that it will always be glorious even if it doesn’t feel that way in moment.

Specialty Areas

Sexuality & Sexual being

Perinatal Loss & Perinatal Mental Health

Grief & Loss

Family of Origin issues & Relational Health

Black Femme Empowerment

Polyamory & Consensual Non-Monogamy


Individual Therapy

Couple/Partner(s) Therapy

Adult Family Therapy

Virtual Support Group

Webinars & Trainings

Case Consultation (Perinatal Loss, Perinatal Mental Health, & Sexuality Issues)

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